Saturday, 19 May 2018

Ash Ketchum from Pokemon: Indigo League (100 pt)

Ash Ketchum from the town of Pallet! Pokémon was a large part of my childhood so it was good fun to design him in GURPS. This is mostly based on the TV show, but it has a little bit of the game in it.

Designer’s notes

Since there is no official Pokémon adaption for GURPS, designing Ash meant defining how a Pokémon game could be played. Most interactions can be boiled down to persuasion rolls (e.g. ‘persuade’ them to get into the pokéball to capture them, etc.)

For this build, I added a couple of things. First, this wildcard skill:

Pokemon Trainer!  Use this skill in place of Animal Handling (All Pokémon), Expert Skill (Pokémon Trainer), rolls to persuade Pokémon and rolls to catch Pokémon.

Second, Reputation as badges. Pokémon seem to magically recoginise a trainer with badges (at least in the game) so if you have sufficient reputation and manage to capture a Pokémon, then they will simply obey you. (This can be ruled as +4 (Captured) to persuasion roll, but I would probably handwave it.)

Pokémon trainers in the original games had 6 Pokémon which they could carry around at a time. I’ve modelled this as Modular Abilities (Chip Slots) where each ‘slot’ is actually 8 points of Ally (at least it’s 8 points at Ash’s initial level).

What do you think of this build? How would you have done things different?

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